Sunday, September 12, 2010 movie list.

This is my check list at icheckmovies.  Its a website containing lists of movies.  The IMDB top 250, AFI top lists,  Academy Award winners for best pic and best foreign language, a bunch of critics list including Roger Ebert's best movies, best winners at film festivals and many many others.  I currently have 1486 checks on the site.  I've watched many more movies though. According to Netflix I've rated 4396 item some of those are tv show seasons though.  But icheckmovies is a great site.  Its sort of like a contest to see who can see all the movies on those lists.  Some lists are harder with more obscure.  And of course the IMDB lists are constantly changing when vote counts on films change as well as other lists adding movies such as Ebert adding a movie to his best movies list or the latest best picture winner.
check out the shorts list

it contains some great short films you've never heard of and it is constantly changing so new stuff to see is on their daily.  It does have the classic Wallace and Grommit, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse stuff as well.